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Buggy Walk

In memory of Merlin

The Wheelie Good Buggy Walk was born thanks to our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Merlin. In his latter years he developed a heart condition which limited his ability to walk for long periods, but he loved being outside, so along came a new set of wheels.

Great Paws Merlin

Old age, health problems, injury and recovery are often causes for us to limit the time our pooches have out on walks or result in the same walk in the same places over and over again. However, with the Great Paws Buggy, they can get to experience sights and smells from the comfort of a comfy bed whilst having a tailored amount of paw of floor time.

Perfect for dogs who might be:

Buggy Walk

90 min appointment slot
£ 30
  • 40-50 mins Buggy Adventure
  • Buggy Walk Report
  • Mental Enrichment
  • Tailored Exercise Time
  • Must be within 20 mile radius of Darlington*


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