It is brilliant to bring my clients and followers some amazing offers and discounts from some of the best brands around! 

Any brand or company on this page I have personally tested and based on my experiences would be happy to recommend! 

Having fed both high quality kibble and raw to my dogs, I recently moved to the incredible Butternut Box! 

Their ingredients, production, business ethos and desire to constantly improve attracted me to their company. But to be honest it was the love of the food from my dogs that kept me there!

They get super excited at meal times and after the transition, I can say I am starting to see improvements in their health, coat, temperament and of course poops! 

The gut is the second brain after all so finding the right food for your dog is paramount! 

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If you have done any recall with me, you will know I love the power of a special recall toy! 

Look no further than Tug-e-nuff for some amazing super special recall toys and more! Tap into your true dogs motivation, not sure what that is? Take the quiz by clicking on the picture above!

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