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Great Paws will now be delivering all 1-2-1 consults, classes and workshops from its NEW trining facility located between Stockton-on-Tees and Sedgefield.

Situated on a working equestrian farm, the training venue occupies 3000 square feet of a shared barn and has been designed and fitted out to offer the best learning environment for you and pooch!


The Great Paws Training Venue is located at the following addresS:
There is Great Paws signage on the approach and searchable on Google Maps.

On the approach to the venue, you will have to cross a freight railway line. This is gated and these should be closed. To open them, stop your car at the stop sign (gates open toward you so ensure you do not pass the sign), hop out of your vehicle and there is a viewing area (for you to check for any approaching trains) to the side of the access road with a green button. Pressing this button will open the gates on both sides.

Please cross with care and close the gates after crossing (even if open when you arrive). Remember to stop passed the gate so it can close.

If you are encountering any issues, please DO NOT touch the gates or the red handled pins. If you are struggling please just call me on 07939241747.

The training venue is located on a working equestrian farm, as such Horses and farm dogs are present on site and around the venue. Please leave your dog safely in your car and head to the venue upon arrival. You must ensure your dog is on lead at all times when out side of your vehicle and pooch does not interact with the other animals onsite.

There is also equestrian and farm traffic so please take care.

If you are worried about any of this, please contact me so you can take advantage of the “Drive In” option if needed.


Contact me so we can start our training adventure