Friends of Great Paws

I am super lucky to know some amazing professionals who I would recommend in a heart beat, I have used and continue to use each and every one of them! 

There are also some amazing independent companies I am passionate to be a customer of! So check them out, visit them, enjoy their services, book them! 

Let’s embrace having such amazing businesses available to us!

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PetPals Darlington & Stockton are fantastic! My wife and I have used them for over a decade and are our go to provider of home boarding and group walks! 

They have a fantastic professional team and cover all of Darlington and Stockton-on-Tees.

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I am coffee daft and this is my go to place when in Darlington! Echo 3 is unique, roasting their coffee in house and offering a variety of delicious homemade treats to accompany it. You can even buy bags of it to take home.  Its a warm and relaxed star wars themed venue which is very pooch positive and welcome dogs openly. 

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Scent Detection! OMG it is my absolute love when it comes to dog training. 

Being an assured and accredited trainer through The College Of Scent Dogs is one of my great achievements! 

Their courses and their scent equipment is just brilliant! 

07555 208422

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My phone is full of photos of my dogs however NONE of them are as good as what Nick has captured.  If you want to capture your dog for that perfect print or piece of wall art then get Ten77 Dog Photography. He is a natural dog lover with a great history of working with them. He will capture  your dog in their truest form. 

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Another amazing local trainer I am proud to be able to work with!

Liz and her team provide excellent options for those with Gun Dogs looking for a way to channel their energy in fun and engaging ways and tick their natural instinct box! 

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I spend way too much time researching and sourcing the best food for my dogs, however as for my own nutrition….well I’m less focused on that. Also working with dogs, it’s hard to find time to eat let alone prep! 

That’s where the amazing and delicious Eat Clean Kitchen Darlington have come to my rescue.  Tasty and balanced real food delivered to my door! What more could I want!

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Working with other amazing local professionals is key for the success of our dogs.  

Viv like me has a passion for working with reactive behaviours but she also has amazing expertise in working with Separation related issues. This is an area I have not specialised in. So if you need Separation support, Viv is the lady to contact! 

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Just like with Dogscentric and Pawsative Mutts, I get to work with some brilliant trainers and Natalie of Tees Valley Dog Training is just that. 

Natalie is passionate about dog sports including hoopers, man trailing and cannicross! So if you are looking for a new fun sport with your dog, head to TVDT

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A little different from the typical dog related friends of Great Paws, however Amara Bluegrass Co. make some phenomenal apparel! With strong links to our armed services their designs are fantastic for that casual outing, dog walk or gym trip! 

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Charlotte has returned to her North East routes and Brough her passion for dog training with her! 

Working with clients to support them with a variety of life skills, she certainly has an infectious passion for helping you and your dog have the best life!

Contact me so we can start our training adventure