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The Woofin Pawsome Podcast is my new offering covering all things POOCH! Each episode we will cover a different theme or topic. This could be some real world practical applications of your training, discussions about kit and equipment, food, treats, dog sports and more!

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I wanted to start a podcast as even though I have started my own YouTube dog training series on my Great Paws channel, I know training videos only cover a small part of our life with our dogs so here on the Woofin Pawsome podcast, we will be doing our very best to cover everything else!

We will talk about life with our pooches, discuss hints tips and topics dog owners, enthusiasts, trainers and behaviorists all love to get our teeth into!

We will discuss everything from how to apply things you have learnt from my series or in the classroom with your trainer or even the comfort of your home from your own studies…out in the real world. because lets be honest, that is where you want them to work the most! 

Beyond training though, we will discuss all kinds of topics to enrich both your dogs and your own life. We will cover off common problems and challenges being a responsible dog owner brings (because lets be honest it isn’t always Rosie), look at the latest news and advancements in the world of dogs including not only training and behavior, but kit, equipment, toys, diet, treats and a whole lot more!

Who knows, we may even get some amazing professionals to join us and discuss these topics along the way!

So if you are pooch parent, doggy daft or a canine professional, then come and join me and have a Woofin Pawesome time discussing our favorite topic! 

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Episode 1 - Top 7 Topics

Welcome to episode 1.

In this episode I give you an overview of the 7 topics I talk most about to pooch parents, clients and people thinking of bringing a pooch into their home. We will expand on these topics in future episodes but for now sit back and enjoy, who knows there maybe something that sparks your interest and gets you researching more!

Understand Your Dog

Training – Lifetime of Fun




Hard Work


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Episode 2 - Covid-19

Welcome to episode 2. 

In this crazy time of Covid-19 so many lives and routines have been disrupted. Many of us are now spending a lot more time in the home with our dogs and also having reduced time outdoors. Although this extra time with pooch can be amazing, new routines and extended time together can have some pitfalls further down the line. So in this episode I give you some tips on things to think whilst in lockdown and social isolation. 
Stay safe everyone!
Location of infographic – http://www.cfsg.org.uk/coronavirus
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Episode 3 - Body Language

Welcome to episode 3. 

Does a wagging tail mean a happy dog?
In this episode I talk about why its a perfect time to study your dogs body language and learn all their subtle little gestures which will allow you to understand and communicate with them better. 
Don’t forget to head on over to greatpawsgang.co.uk and join for FREE to get access to your free “Know Your Dog” PDF download, a perfect document to complete whilst studying your dogs body language. 
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Episode 4 - Canine Hoopers World

Welcome to episode 4. 

Canine Hoopers World!

In a Woofin Pawsome Podcast 1st, we have a guest! Carrie-Anne, the lady behind this amazing organisation joins us to discuss Hoopers, CHW, training, podcasts and more! 

Hoopers is an amazing activity you can undertake with your pooch with lots of benefits! But, I’m not going to spoil all the fun here, get listening to find out more. 

Links mentioned in the show include:




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Episode 5 - Rachel Bean RVN

Welcome to episode 5 . 

Another amazing guest – this time the wonderful Rachel Bean RVN.

Rachel not only provides unbelievable canine first aid courses but has a wealth of experience across a number of specialised fields including being a registered Veterinary Nurse. 

In this podcast we talk about her professional work, her dogs and her amazing charity work to date. 

Apologies for the poor audio on my part during this episode. 

Below are some of the links mentioned throughout the show:

Canine First Aid Courses:


Street Paws:


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